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Top Ten Reasons for an ID Maker Identification System

by todd 18. May 2011 08:41
1. Safety is everyone's priority - Not just building and grounds safety, but personal safety. Know who is roaming your halls and corridors and manage building or room access with a single card.
2. Time and attendance capability - Track hours for payroll with ease. Make dual-purpose ID cards by creating a plastic overlay that adheres to any proximity or HID card. Transform an access card to a photo ID plus an access card, all in one.
3. Make the best use of your time - Avoid labor-intensive paper laminate cards that don't last. Use plastic ID cards with more function and security in less than a minute per card.
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4. Make the best use of your dollars - An ID Maker system is all-inclusive, no hidden costs. Everything you need to get started today for creating and printing ID cards, right out of the box.
5. Appropriate for use in government and healthcare industries – ID Maker Systems are compliant with federal and state ID card and information mandates.
6. Multiple functions on a single card - From a student perspective, incorporate a photo ID card with cafeteria and library services. For the office, combine a time card with building access.
7. Reduce waste and costly reprints - Sturdy plastic ID cards last 20 times as long as a paper laminate card.
8. Reduce fraudulent reproduction - Make ID cards tamper-proof with unique security features such as holographic overlays, ghost photos and printer memory card capabilities.
9. Create your own rewards/membership programs - Advertise your business with a rewards card, or print your own gift or key cards. The possibilities with an ID Maker system expand beyond identification.
10. Lifetime, technical support whenever you need it - You are never on your own. With every system purchase, you get free technical support for as long as you own the system. We are the experts, and we do it right!
Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills. 

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