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Visitor Login Books Increase School Security

by todd 22. March 2011 12:10

Focus on School Security. For the month of March, the IDville team will be focusing on school security. All this month, we’ll blog about different ways to improve school security. Have questions? Email us or request a System Information Pack for more info.

Schools have countless visitors in any given day. Parents, teachers, volunteers, community members, and sales people all present themselves at a school for one reason or another. Visitors can throw a wrench in even a sound student and staff ID card policy by being in the building unidentified. To safety identify school visitors, implement a visitor login book at your visitor entrance.

Schools should always track visitors with a visitor login book. Keep your book in the main office and require all visitors to register before going to a classroom. A secure visitor login book will create a record of all visitors and assign visitors with a self-expiring visitor adhesive ID badge. Visitors wear the badge while they are in the building, but it changes color after 24 hours. This feature prevents visitors from reusing badges and re-entering the building at a later date.

Implementing a visitor login book into your security plans will have several benefits for your school: Shop Visitor Login Books

Make a good first impression. Your visitor login book should be kept in a central location where all visitors enter the building. Other entrances should be locked and marked with a sign to direct visitors to the correct door. Put an individual in charge of welcoming visitors and instructing them to complete the sign-in process when they first arrive.

Create a record of visitors. A visitor login book creates a record of who is in your school building. Most visitor login books record the visitor’s name, their organization or purpose for visit, and the date. Keep this information in a safe, discreet location on hand for three months before safely discarding it.

Visually identify visitors. Visitor login books equip visitors with an adhesive name badge to wear while in the school. Visitors who wear an ID card send a clear message to your employees and staff, which is especially helpful in a large school building.


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

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