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School ID Cards Improve Security

by todd 2. March 2011 17:17

Focus on School Security. For the month of March, the IDville team will be focusing on school security. All this month, we’ll blog about different ways to improve school security. Have questions? Email us or request a System Information Pack for more info.

School security has become a top priority for all school districts in the wake of increased incidents of school violence. School districts can better protect students through the use of access control and school ID cards

ID cards can be synced with an access control system to restrict access into a school building. Access control only permits individuals with an ID card to get into the building. All other visitors are required to enter through a primary monitored entrance. ID card access control is common at colleges and universities, especially for dormitories. It’s becoming more prevalent at grade schools, too, as school districts recognize the multiple benefits of ID card access control.

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Benefits of ID Card Access Control at Schools

 School ID Cards. ID card access control requires students, staff, and teachers to have ID cards with them at all times. The visual identification makes it easier for teachers and security to recognize individuals who do and do not belong in the building.

 Limited Access. Limiting access control funnels all visitors without ID cards through one entrance. It’s much more manageable for a school to monitor one entrance during school hours. A security guard or staff member can be stationed at the open entrance and watch the traffic in and out of the building.

 Visitor’s Entrance. By requiring all visitors to enter through one entrance, you can easily implement a visitor login book that will keep a record of visitors to the school. Maintaining a record of visitors provides valuable information and can help prevent incidents in the building.

 Cancel Cards. Using ID card access control gives you the ability to cancel or deactivate a card. Security administrators can deactivate the cards of students who have graduated, left the school, or are on suspension. The school gains significant more control over permitting students into the building.


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