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New Healthcare ID Card Accessories Meet Industry Requirements

by david 15. February 2011 10:24

At IDville, we’ve worked closely with our customers to understand that different industries have different security needs. Education, healthcare, and manufacturing especially have varying photo ID card requirements to keep their staff, patients, and students safe. We recently launched new healthcare ID card products and education ID card products to help all organizations display their ID cards correctly. Here are some of our new products and old favorites that you should consider using in your organization:

Healthcare Identification ResourcesHealthcare
Hospitals, doctor offices, nursing homes, and other healthcare organizations all have a responsibility to protect their staff and patients from both external and internal threats, including germs! ID cards can collect germs and bacteria over time and transport them from room to room. For a healthier alternative, use antimicrobial lanyards that prevent the spread of germs, and request staff display ID cards in sealable badge holders to protect cards from germs

Healthcare ID card accessories:

Antimicrobial lanyards - Avoid the spread of germs
Fun shape badge reel lanyards - Perfect for pediatric specialists!
Medical badge reel with plastic clip - Allows for comfortable wear against skin
Sealable badge holders - Protect cards from germs, keeps card clean
Medical position identity cards - Fit neatly behind ID cards, make positions readily visible to patients, visitors, etc. Cards say Doctor, LPN, RN, and Staff.

Education Identification Resources Education
Security should always be a top priority at schools, so equipping staff, students, and teachers with the proper identification is important. To ensure your school members are properly displaying their ID cards, give them the right accessories to wear.

Education ID card accessories:

USB lanyard – Teachers can carry important data with them.
Pedia pals badge reels - Children will enjoy this fun alternative to a basic badge reel.
Child size and adjustable lanyards – Keep children safe with the proper sized lanyard.
Breakaway lanyards – Available in several lanyard designs, the breakaway option prevents choking or injury.  

Manufacturing facilities need special security to ensure the safety of their people, facility, machinery, and investments. You can identify manufacturing employees safely with the right ID card accessories that won’t get caught in machinery or get in the way.

Business Identification ResourcesManufacturing ID card accessories:

Heavy duty badge reel - A durable and long lasting option for the roughest of environments.
Metal belt clip – A functional and sturdy display option.
Arm band badge holder – Displays ID cards and keeps them out of the way.




David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).


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