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Technology in Schools

by Kelli 23. May 2016 09:05


The conversation about whether technology in schools is helping or hurting the learning process is not new. In fact, it has been going on for decades. Advancements have made new tech increasingly user friendly and accessible, which is great but what role should it play in schools and what is the impact on students?

Those are great questions and I think we are finally at a point where we can actually measure the effects of previously used technology and make a strong thesis for what the impact of current and future technologies will be. But what about other uses for technology in schools? What about technology that does not directly impact the learning process but rather enhances the school’s ability to simply do what they do better?

20 years ago, schools were places the whole community gathered. It was a watering hole where everyone was welcome. Unfortunately, tragic events have happened and schools have been increasingly careful with whom they allow in their doors. Student safety has become a critical role for school administration and technology has played a part all successful security measures.

The implementation of student identification cards is one quick and effective way to restrict access to unwanted visitors. Identification cards can give students and employees custom access to external and internal doors. Identification cards also allow you to measure and keep track of what doors are being used as well as where students are going.

Safety is not something to wait on but if you need another reason to implement staff and student identification cards, another use for them can be found in the cafeteria. In this case study, you can read how Joliet Public Schools was able to identification cards to streamline their cafeteria purchasing system.

If you want to learn more about the use of technology in the classroom and the effect it may have on students, check out the Top Hat blog. If you are wondering about any possible identity card misuse, check out our past article.


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Who run the world? Nurses.

by Kelli 6. May 2016 09:06

Nurses make the world go round. Well, not literally but hey they don’t stop! They work crazy hours and spend years with their noses in text books all so that they can serve you and me. With nurses, we improve, we gain strength, we gain hope. The ‘Ville is all about recognizing heroes and hard workers and few deserve the recognition more than nurses. So cheers to all you nurses…



As it relates to IDville, the healthcare industry as a whole should be obsessed with security. And it is, for the most part. Nurses, doctors and anyone else working or visiting those spaces need to be trusted. Hospital patients are at a vulnerable state and slipping up on security can literally be the difference between life and death. Security measures must be in place and enforced at all times making sure all visitors are accounted for and all employees have appropriate access. Nurse and doctor Identification also shows that they are experts in their field. Behind that ID card are years and years of knowledge and experience.

From the patient’s point of view, that card means hope. It means they are being taken care of by experts and can relax knowing that they are in good hands.

What’s on the ID card is important but it goes so much deeper than that. We say thank you to the healthcare industry and thank you to all the nurses and nurses in training. Keep calm and awesome on!


If you are interested in learning more about ID cards, visitor solutions or other security systems, visit us online at or call one of our system specialists by dialing 1.866.438.4553.

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New Trends in Secure Identification

by Maggie 20. February 2015 08:20

Technology is creating more flexibility and new capability for the secure identity marketplace.  Dr. Selva Sevaratnam, senior vice president and chief technology officer with HID Global, said, “Whether it’s moving campus IDs onto smartphones, or centralizing all identity management for protecting doors, data and cloud-based applications, or securing electronic medical prescriptions and ATM transactions, we will see the transformation of our customers’ experience using secure identities during the coming year, and beyond.” 

8 Trends that will affect the secure identity market in 2015:

  1. Increased interoperablilty of ID cards- being used for secure print authentication, access to buildings, and more

  2. Adoption of new credential form factors

  3. New ways to open entrance systems and new forms of building access

  4. Advances in how to manage and protect identities

  5. Using biometrics to help transform security from a barrier to a guardrail

  6. Transitioning from the magnetic stripe and proximity cards to contactless smart cards in the Education sector

  7. New building, patient, and medication security in the healthcare sector

  8. Heightened building and data security and the move beyond passwords in the business sector


*Source of information was the RFID article “6 Trends Around Identification Technology in 2015.”  To read more visit

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Is Your Building Safe?

by david 12. May 2014 10:33
It’s Building Safety Month! There’s no better time to focus on the safety of your school, office building, warehouse or any other building you’re responsible for. When people think of building or workplace safety they typically think about preventing workplace injury on the job. But what about workplace violence committed by unwelcome guests gaining access to your building? There are 7 easy steps your company can take to keep your employees safe in the workplace and below are a few policy tips to keep your employees or students feeling secure. 

Restricting door access at your facility is one of the key ways to ensure your employees or students are safe. Issuing photo ID badges that double as access cards is a great solution. With photo ID badges you can make sure each person in the building has access to the appropriate areas and anyone without a company or school ID should be questioned.  

Enacting a policy for visitor management is another great way to keep your employees or students secure. All visitors who enter the building can be required to sign in and possibly even receive a visitor ID badge . This will show team members that not just anyone can come into the building whenever they want. Having guests sign in is also a great way for administration and/or management to remain cognizant of who’s in the building at all times.

What better time to really take stock of your building’s safety than during Building Safety Month? The identification experts at IDville will be more than happy to give you more information about the importance of identifying students, employees and visitors. 

School Security Put to the Test

by Kelli 3. March 2014 10:49
Many schools have recently implemented policies requiring that visitors stop at the main office to sign in and receive a visitor pass. This helps faculty around the school be cognizant of who is allowed in the building. A local news team in Michigan sent undercover staff members into six schools to test effectiveness of school security measures. 

This recent school security test revealed some frightening results regarding ease of access to the school and our children. The schools tested included two elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. 

The undercover testers entered each of the six schools simultaneously. They were coached to walk in the front door, past the main office without stopping to sign in or get a visitor pass

While some schools did a better job of noticing and approaching the “undercover intruder” other testers were allowed to wander for an unsettling amount of time, one even turning himself in to the office administrators after strolling through almost the entire school. 

Three testers walked past an empty security guard table and three testers walked through the school halls undetected for four minutes or more. 

In one specific instance, the undercover tester was allowed to walk school halls for a full 15 minutes and wasn’t stopped until a teacher noticed him strolling in the halls in between class periods. 

The results weren’t all negative with these school security tests. When the testers attempted to enter through a back or side door each and every one was locked, forcing them to enter through the front door and walk past the main office. 

At three of the six schools tested, the intruder was approached by a staff member in two minutes or less, with one tester confronted by a secretary within 30 seconds of entry. Another tester was stopped only 50 feet inside the door by a physical education teacher who respectfully but firmly insisted the tester go to the main office to register as a visitor. 

For the school district’s superintendent, while the results in many cases were disappointing, he believes this was a learning experience and an opportunity to highlight areas of improvement in school security. This will also emphasize to local parents the importance of approving a bond, of which a portion of the funds would be used to implement new security measures as well as improve existing school security policies.  

While this particular instance is focused on one school district, the implications affect schools nationwide. One security oversight or five minutes away from your workspace may have potentially tragic and disastrous repercussions.  

At IDville we’re very passionate about keeping students safe from the potential dangers of having an open campus and allowing intruders to gain access to school hallways and classrooms and, ultimately, our children. We offer a full line of visitor management solutions to do ensure students are kept safe.

With our affordable and affective Visitor Express: School Edition® system, schools can check in visitors and issue a visitor badge in 30 seconds or less, while making sure students are kept as safe as possible in the process. We also have visitor login books and bundles for your visitors to sign in at the office available for schools who use this policy for their visitor management. With so many visitor management options, there’s sure to be something for your school!

Simple & Secure Visitor Check-In

by david 17. February 2014 14:40
Is your school looking for a new secure visitor management solution to ensure students and staff are kept safe from unwanted visitors? Our Visitor Express: School Edition® is an easy-to-use complete visitor management system that comes with everything you need to track, label and screen visitors in 30 seconds or less. 

This complete visitor management system includes our Visitor Express: School Edition® software, driver’s license scanner, web camera, thermal badge printer with 250 self-expiring adhesive visitor badges, sample frequent visitor tags and a barcode scanner.  

Visitor Express: School Edition® software allows for customizable unwanted visitor lists and approved pick-up lists as well as instantaneous sex offender checks and mapping with 1,500 look-ups with the national sex offender database. Also featured are emergency response reporting and mass alerts. 

IDville includes FREE and FULL lifetime technical support for the first year so if you have any questions about the system, we’ve got you covered. 

Because Visitor Express: School Edition® was designed with security and simplicity in mind, you’ll just need to follow a few quick and straightforward steps to check in school visitors and/or volunteers in 30 seconds or less. 
1. Scan the visitor’s driver’s license, pulling the needed information into the visitor program on your computer screen 
2. Check it against a national sex offender database 
3. Input who and where they’re visiting 
4. Print a self-expiring badge and they’re on their way to their destination

If you still have questions, our team would love to set up a time with you for a free demo of our Visitor Express: School Edition® software so you can make your decision with ease.

Need Help Deciding?

by david 3. February 2014 10:00
While the benefits of an ID badge policy are fairly obvious, learning how the software and tools work is a whole different ball of wax! IDville has several informational tools to help you decide which system is right for your school or company. 

We offer FREE System Information Packs which will give you the important information needed to decide on what ID badge system is right for your organization. All you need to do is fill out the request form and we’ll mail your information right to you. 

If you’d still like more guidance, one of our Systems Specialists would love to walk you through a free demo of our ID Maker® Software  so you can see just how easy it is to create your photo ID badges

Looking into Visitor Management for your school? Request a free 20 minute demo of our Visitor Express: School Edition® system which allows for secure visitor check-in in under 30 seconds. 

Visit our Knowledge Center to find press releases, white papers, FAQs and much more to help you decide on your ID card system or visitor management system

Remember, if you still have questions, you can always call us at 1.866.438.4553 and we’d be happy to assist in any way we can!

School Safety in the Spotlight

by david 30. December 2013 09:59
As parents, we’re endlessly concerned with our children’s safety, especially while under someone else’s supervision. Reasonably, the focus of many parents and school administrators, especially in the past year, has shifted to beefing up security in school districts nationwide.
Despite recent economic and government financial struggles parents, school staff and communities have been pushing for stronger security measures in schools. Not only has more attention been paid to this, in many school districts more funds are being allocated to this very important cause. As part of the overall academic mission, an increase in funding dedicated to school safety allows schools to maintain a peaceful and beneficial environment for their students.
According to ReminderNews in Connecticut, the state has released grant monies totaling $21 million to the state’s school districts to ramp up security. A total of 604 schools in Connecticut will benefit from these funds. Many other states are following this same course and requesting more money be allocated to the prevention of violence and tragedies by increasing school security measures.
Security enhancements some schools are looking to make or have already made include bullet-proof glass, security cameras, computer-controlled locks, buzzers and entry alarm systems, panic alarms, visitor management and photo ID badges used for identification and door access.
Not only is keeping students safe essential to their physical well-being, it’s also very important to their learning – how safe students feel directly and significantly impacts their ability to learn.
One effective way to improve school safety is to implement an ID badge policy. IDville features many simple, one-box ID card printer systems which include everything your school needs to get started printing photo ID badges within 15 minutes.
Another great safety element IDville offers is visitor management. With solutions ranging from visitor badges to the complete Visitor Express: School Edition® system, there are secure visitor options for any school’s needs.
Visitor Express: School Edition® protects your campus with features including instantaneous sex offender check and mapping, customizable visitor lists, emergency mass alerts and response reporting along with time-expiring visitor ID badge technology. This is a comprehensive system to improve safety and security by monitoring who’s in your building, who they’re visiting and their location. Visitor Express: School Edition® allows for secure visitor check-in in 30 seconds or less.
Whether or not there are increases in the security budget at your school, IDville’s complete ID card printer systems and visitor management solutions are affordable additions that – when paired with the right policies and staff to carry out those policies – will improve your school’s security, allowing students to feel safe and focus on their education. 

Visitor management made easy!

by david 13. November 2012 09:00
Implementing a visitor management system doesn’t have to be complicated. With visitor log-in books, lanyards, badges, and visitor management systems, it’s easier than ever to make sure that you know who’s visiting your office or building. Tracking visitors not only keeps your building safe from theft and violence, it promotes a feeling of security and well-being throughout your entire organization. 

Visitor Login Books: With self-expiring badges, visitor login books are an effective way to track visitors while keeping their visit information confidential. 

Visitor Cards: Choose from reusable and durable plastic PVC visitor cards or one-time use adhesive visitor name badges. 

Visitor Lanyards: Visually identify visitors with bold, bright visitor lanyards. Simply attach a visitor ID card for added security. 

Visitor Management Systems (school edition): Our Visitor Express: School Edition allows you to choose from over 50 badge templates, track and report on visitors, and print visitor badges in 20 seconds or less. 

Do you know who's visiting your office?!
Visitor management made easy! 
Whether you encounter fewer than 10 visitors a day or more than 50, a visitor management system should be a vital piece of your daily operations to ensure that you know who is visiting your facility in order to ensure the safety of your employees. 

To inquire about our visitor log in products or if you have any questions, call one of our customer service representatives today at 866.438.4553 or email me today! 
David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!). 

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Ensure student safety all year long

by Kelli 16. October 2012 03:45
Fall is in the air and children across the country have recently returned to school. Elementary schools in particular are where children spend a large portion of their day for several months of the year – and yet, are you familiar with the safety measures your institution takes when it comes to your child? Do you know the systems that your school has in place to protect against child predators and abduction?
Visitor Express: School Edition is a system that offers peace of mind for parents, children, and school administrators. The system uses the following features to ensure security for children within the school building:
• Instantaneous sex offender check and mapping                
• Customizable unwanted visitor lists 
• Approved pick-up list                                                 
• Mass-alert in event of an emergency
• Emergency response reporting
• Time-expiring visitor ID badge technology
Ensure the safety of your students!
Visitor Express enables secure visitor check-in in less than 30 seconds. Simply scan your visitor’s state-issued ID, check it against the database, print their badge and go! The barcode scanner makes check-out a breeze and quick reports show who is in the building, who they’re visiting, and their location! 
When it comes to children, you can never be too careful. Learn about Visitor Express: School Edition and gain peace of mind when it comes to the security of students.
Kelli is a Marketing Manager with over 7 years marketing experience. She and her husband are excited to be back in Michigan after living in the 'Windy City' for the last 5 years. If there's a boat or a lake- count her in!  

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