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New Trends in Secure Identification

by Maggie 20. February 2015 08:20

Technology is creating more flexibility and new capability for the secure identity marketplace.  Dr. Selva Sevaratnam, senior vice president and chief technology officer with HID Global, said, “Whether it’s moving campus IDs onto smartphones, or centralizing all identity management for protecting doors, data and cloud-based applications, or securing electronic medical prescriptions and ATM transactions, we will see the transformation of our customers’ experience using secure identities during the coming year, and beyond.” 

8 Trends that will affect the secure identity market in 2015:

  1. Increased interoperablilty of ID cards- being used for secure print authentication, access to buildings, and more

  2. Adoption of new credential form factors

  3. New ways to open entrance systems and new forms of building access

  4. Advances in how to manage and protect identities

  5. Using biometrics to help transform security from a barrier to a guardrail

  6. Transitioning from the magnetic stripe and proximity cards to contactless smart cards in the Education sector

  7. New building, patient, and medication security in the healthcare sector

  8. Heightened building and data security and the move beyond passwords in the business sector


*Source of information was the RFID article “6 Trends Around Identification Technology in 2015.”  To read more visit

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Protect Information on RFID Cards

by todd 3. November 2010 12:06

Many organizations now use contactless access cards and ID cards to allow employees, vendors or regular visitors into buildings. Information is stored on these cards thanks to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

While it can be convenient to store information on ID cards, it can also be easily stolen with a common RFID reader. Since colleges and employers often store individual’s personal information on ID cards, protecting yourself from identity theft should be a top priority.

To protect yourself or your employees from identity theft, always wear your ID card with RFID technology in an RFID Secure Badge Holder.

The RFID Secure Badge Holder blocks RFID signals that are necessary for a reader to access the information on your card. The badge holder prevents identity theft, and you can easily slide the card out to gain access into a facility. The badge holder can accommodate 2 cards, so you can also protect a credit card or drivers license.

If you require employees to wear an ID card with an RFID chip, provide RFID Secure Badge Holders  and badge reels as well to protecting their identity and personal information.

Shop RFID Secure Badge Holders


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

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