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Protect K_ _ S. "ID" is key

by Kelli 25. February 2015 15:38

It’s a busy time for our education tradeshows at IDville. Jason just got back from the National Association of Secondary School Principals tradeshow, and in the coming month, we have four more education tradeshows to attend!

Education World® notes that ID badges are a great way to enhance school security in their recent article, Badge, Please? Schools Turn to IDs to Enhance Security. ID badges are an effective and simple way to make sure everyone on campus belongs there. With everyone wearing ID badges, it is easy to identify who is official from a safe distance. They’re a great tool for campus access and control. With recent school violence, it’s better to play it safe!

Some school officials are apprehensive about the idea of staff ID badges. They don’t want their school to become a cold, institutionalized place. To make badges warm and friendly, try putting your school emblem on them and create your own design! Fancy them up with a fun lanyard or badge reel to add some personality!

Requiring badges for teachers and students is a great way to ensure security for the kids, and what could be more important? To learn more about simple solutions for your identification needs, contact one of our system specialists at 1.866.438.4553, shop online at, or find us at any of these tradeshows.

It's Back to School Time...

by david 25. August 2014 09:19
This summer seems to have flown by and it’s that time of year again – when parents and students are preparing to head back to school. And you know what that means! New ID badges for students and staff. 

New ID badges usually mean new lanyardsbadge clips or holders for students and staff to use for displaying their ID badges. At IDville we’re offering 10% off custom lanyards with FREE setup so your school doesn’t break the budget buying the necessities for students and staff. 

Having to print so many ID badges all at once may also mean that you’ll need to stock up on ID card printer supplies like printer ribbons, cleaning kits and extra PVC cards. At IDville we offer affordable printer supplies for your ID Maker® ID card printer to keep you printer running through the busy start of the school year. 

Even if you don’t own and ID Maker® printer, we have affordable supplies for all the major ID card printer brands. Just visit our Printer Supplies Locator or contact our friendly staff today at 1.866.438.4553 and we’ll make sure we get you just what you need. 

Making badge wear FUN!

by Kelli 14. August 2014 08:52
While ID badge accessories are a great solution to getting your team or students to wear their ID badges each day, sometimes that’s still not enough. We’re going to give you some fun ideas to help encourage people to wear their ID badges each and every day!

Create a “Gotcha” game where on certain days management or teaching staff will hand out small prizes for those people “caught” wearing the ID badges. The main object is to not tell students or staff when these days or times will be so that they’ll always want to have their badge, just in case! 

Hold a simple raffle where each person wearing their ID badge on a certain day gets their name put into a drawing for a prize of your choosing. As a bonus, each eligible day when people are wearing their badge gets them an extra raffle ticket for the final drawing. Again, don’t let people know which days they’ll be given raffle tickets. 

Turn ID badges into a sort of “pass” for certain areas of the building or certain activities that will be happening. Make ID badges required for entry or participation so that it encourages everyone to wear their badge for the day. 

Simply acknowledging those students and staff with a kind word that are wearing their ID badges may go further than you think as well. Let those who are playing by the rules know that you appreciate their little added effort by telling them “good job” or “thank you”. 

Getting your students or your team members to wear their ID badges on a daily basis doesn’t have to be a daily struggle. Get creative and make wearing ID badges fun!

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IDville...Your One-Stop ID Shop!

by Kelli 28. July 2014 13:18
Simplicity is one of IDville’s main objectives for our customers. As a one-stop-shop for all of your identification needs, we strive to make ordering ID badge systems and supplies as easy as possible. We offer complete one-box systems for ID badge printing, accessories to protect and wear your badge in style, visitor management systems and tons of other products that any company will find useful for successful and safe operation. 

If you need help deciding which ID badge system is right for your organization, feel free to request your FREE system information pack or contact an IDville System Specialist at 1.866.438.4553. Looking for ID badge accessories but not quite sure which are best for your company? We send out free samples of our accessories so you can make the best decision. As always, we look forward to being your trusted identification resource! 

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