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National Nursing Assistants Week

by Maggie 11. June 2015 16:20

Today marks the start of National Nursing Assistants (NA) Week, lasting from June 11-18! Nursing Assistants provide 80 to 90 percent of the direct care received by clients in long-term care facilities.  They bring patience, a caring attitude and wisdom to their practices. National Nursing Assistants Week is a great time to recognize the unique contributions of these unsung heroes!

One of our customers, Hannah, chose IDville’s custom lanyards to show appreciation to her Certified Nursing Assistants to celebrate NA week! Hannah is a nursing home HR manager at Grandview Manor Care Center, in Franklin, North Carolina. She ordered custom lanyards for each CNA with their name embroidered on one side and “Grandview Manor Care Center” on the other. What a great way to honor each nurse individually and thank them for their work!  

Being a CNA is no easy job. One of my good friends Elise is a CNA at Providence Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Downers Grove, IL. She has shared some horror stories with me, but has also shared about how her care has impacted her patients. She said, “Being a CNA is a very fulfilling experience. Every single day I get to participate in my patients' journey to heal. I get to establish strong relationships with the residents and it's exciting to see them get back to their normal functioning level through rehab care.”

So thank you, Elise. Thank you, Hannah. And thank you to all other Nursing Assistants that care for others every day. We appreciate you!

For information about Secure ID Card Systems for the Healthcare Industry, read our whitepaper An Apple A Day: Everyday Applications for ID Card Systems in Healthcare

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National Nurse’s Week: Healthcare Identification

by Maggie 11. May 2015 11:31


As National Nurse’s Week comes to a close, we want to thank nurses for all the work they do! “Bound by paperwork, short on hands, sleep, and energy, nurses are rarely short on caring.” We could not have said it better than Sharon Hudacek did. So thank a nurse today!

Along with thanking our nurses, we would also like to highlight the importance of healthcare identification. Healthcare facilities see a lot of people walk in and out of their doors. Doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors. Implementing an ID card program will allow for proper identification of staff and visitors that will enhance security. Not only will safety improve, so will overall efficiency of operations.

Healthcare ID badges can serve a number of functions, including identifying doctors and staff, controlling access to facilities and restricted areas, and managing visitors. They are also commonly used to store patient medical records.  This helps speed up the registration process and store accurate records. Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork!

Another idea for healthcare identification is to issue senior ID cards that include a photo of the cardholder, their name, address, blood type, and medical history.  The cards should also include the name and phone number of their physician and an emergency contact.  In an emergency, responders will be better able to assist the patient, especially in situations where the patient is unable to communicate. Emergency responders will be able to look to the card for details about the cardholder’s medical condition, and quickly determine the best course of action.

For more information regarding ID card systems in healthcare, read our complete white paper, “Secure ID Card Systems for the Healthcare Industry.”

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New Trends in Secure Identification

by Maggie 20. February 2015 08:20

Technology is creating more flexibility and new capability for the secure identity marketplace.  Dr. Selva Sevaratnam, senior vice president and chief technology officer with HID Global, said, “Whether it’s moving campus IDs onto smartphones, or centralizing all identity management for protecting doors, data and cloud-based applications, or securing electronic medical prescriptions and ATM transactions, we will see the transformation of our customers’ experience using secure identities during the coming year, and beyond.” 

8 Trends that will affect the secure identity market in 2015:

  1. Increased interoperablilty of ID cards- being used for secure print authentication, access to buildings, and more

  2. Adoption of new credential form factors

  3. New ways to open entrance systems and new forms of building access

  4. Advances in how to manage and protect identities

  5. Using biometrics to help transform security from a barrier to a guardrail

  6. Transitioning from the magnetic stripe and proximity cards to contactless smart cards in the Education sector

  7. New building, patient, and medication security in the healthcare sector

  8. Heightened building and data security and the move beyond passwords in the business sector


*Source of information was the RFID article “6 Trends Around Identification Technology in 2015.”  To read more visit

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Medical Position Identity Cards Have Benefits for Medical Facilities

by david 10. April 2012 14:14

Hospitals, doctor offices, and medical facilities are busy places. All day – and sometimes through the night! - people are coming and going. During a regular business day, a location could have patients, vendors, visiting family members, new staff members, and administrators visiting. That’s a lot of people to keep track of!

To make staff and visitors feel comfortable and safe in your location, it’s critical to clearly identify staff. Staff members should wear Medical Position Identity Cards in addition to their horizontal, slot punched ID card to increase security in your medical facility.

Medical Position Identity Cards at The additional identity card makes it easy to recognize staff members and their roles. Cards are available with Doctor, RN, LPN, and Staff designations, so you can identify every member of your team. The card fits behind an ID card and can be displayed on the ID card attachment of your choice, such as a strap clip, badge reel, or lanyard. The cards have a horizontal orientation, so they would not display properly with a vertical ID card.

The additional ID card will have several benefits. First, patients and their families will feel more comfortable when they know the position and job function of staff members. It also helps improve communication between patients and staff. Since patients will have a better understanding of the roles of each staff member, they can share helpful information with the appropriate staff member. Finally, security in your organization will improve as security guards and staff members alike will be able to identify individuals more quickly.

See more details on Medical Position Identity Cards to determine if they’re a good fit for your organization at

David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).

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ID Card Systems in Healthcare Protect Information and Improve Safety

by david 10. May 2011 08:11

Healthcare professionals perform a balancing act everyday. More demands on their time, more hats to wear, and in economically challenging times they are doing it all for less compensation.

Technological advances make their jobs easier, however with that ease comes a new set of challenging circumstances. As facilities move towards electronic file keeping, the possibility of security breaches increase. A recent study indicates 1.5 million Americans have been victims of medical identity theft costing over $28.6 billion in damages.

Motivation may be high to commit medical identity theft, but federal mandates are now more stringent to deter this costly crime. The HITECH Act put in place weightier consequences including steep fines for those that violate privacy protection laws, as well as a wider definition of what information is protected, and who is responsible for protecting it.

Create a Safe Healthcare Environment with ID Card Systems What this means to the healthcare industry is convenient data housing but with increased accountability to manage that information, and prevent it from being compromised.

A key component in the prevention of security breaches and overall safety is an ID card system. Medical facilities are not limited to employees. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of patients, visitors and vendors stream through their doors every day posing countless opportunities for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. Identifying who is in the building at all times, and for what purpose, reduces the security risk and puts everyone at ease, so the focus becomes exceptional care and service - not hall monitoring. Let an ID card system do that for you.

Ultimately what you're looking for in an ID card system is value - manageable up front cost on a system that delivers on safety. When looking for an ID card system, consider:
 Who will be using the system?
 What features do you need?
 How much can you spend?
 What are the latest applications in the industry?

For more information regarding ID card systems in healthcare, read our complete white paper, “Secure ID Card Systems for the Healthcare Industry.”

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David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).

New Healthcare ID Card Accessories Meet Industry Requirements

by david 15. February 2011 10:24

At IDville, we’ve worked closely with our customers to understand that different industries have different security needs. Education, healthcare, and manufacturing especially have varying photo ID card requirements to keep their staff, patients, and students safe. We recently launched new healthcare ID card products and education ID card products to help all organizations display their ID cards correctly. Here are some of our new products and old favorites that you should consider using in your organization:

Healthcare Identification ResourcesHealthcare
Hospitals, doctor offices, nursing homes, and other healthcare organizations all have a responsibility to protect their staff and patients from both external and internal threats, including germs! ID cards can collect germs and bacteria over time and transport them from room to room. For a healthier alternative, use antimicrobial lanyards that prevent the spread of germs, and request staff display ID cards in sealable badge holders to protect cards from germs

Healthcare ID card accessories:

Antimicrobial lanyards - Avoid the spread of germs
Fun shape badge reel lanyards - Perfect for pediatric specialists!
Medical badge reel with plastic clip - Allows for comfortable wear against skin
Sealable badge holders - Protect cards from germs, keeps card clean
Medical position identity cards - Fit neatly behind ID cards, make positions readily visible to patients, visitors, etc. Cards say Doctor, LPN, RN, and Staff.

Education Identification Resources Education
Security should always be a top priority at schools, so equipping staff, students, and teachers with the proper identification is important. To ensure your school members are properly displaying their ID cards, give them the right accessories to wear.

Education ID card accessories:

USB lanyard – Teachers can carry important data with them.
Pedia pals badge reels - Children will enjoy this fun alternative to a basic badge reel.
Child size and adjustable lanyards – Keep children safe with the proper sized lanyard.
Breakaway lanyards – Available in several lanyard designs, the breakaway option prevents choking or injury.  

Manufacturing facilities need special security to ensure the safety of their people, facility, machinery, and investments. You can identify manufacturing employees safely with the right ID card accessories that won’t get caught in machinery or get in the way.

Business Identification ResourcesManufacturing ID card accessories:

Heavy duty badge reel - A durable and long lasting option for the roughest of environments.
Metal belt clip – A functional and sturdy display option.
Arm band badge holder – Displays ID cards and keeps them out of the way.




David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).

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