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Keep Your Team Safe

by Kelli 1. April 2014 11:06
According to recent statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA, 2 million working Americans become the victims of workplace violence each year. Because of this, workplace security has emerged as a key concern for both businesses and employees in recent years. 

More and more companies across the country, no matter their size, have been shifting more focus and attention to what they can do to reduce the possibility that employees will become victims of workplace violence. One of the most crucial steps businesses can take to ensure their employees are kept safe is to secure the building both inside and out. 

Prevention is a much better alternative to waiting to react until after a violent incident occurs in your building. Restricting door access for building entry and admittance into various areas and rooms is a great way to protect both your team members and your company assets. 

Not only will requiring the use of photo ID badges restrict building access for your employees, it also provides a simple form of visual identification so fellow employees can be easily identified. Requiring all visitors to sign in with a team member as a visitor immediately upon entry into the building is another great way for employees to know who belongs in the building. 

IDville is a great resource for any and all of your company’s identification needs. With solutions for your photo ID badgesvisitor management and simple and stylish ways to display ID badges, you’re sure to find something perfect for you!

These two simplistic preventative measures allow employees to quickly identify who should or shouldn’t be in the building, given that everyone who belongs should be wearing their ID badges or visitor tags. Safeguarding your team from any possible threats of violence is a huge responsibility. And we assure you, the minimal cost of your photo ID system or visitor management tool is well worth the peace of mind.  

HID Cards Make You Look Smart

by todd 26. July 2010 10:31

Security is important to you and your organization, so you’ve outfitted your employees with all the necessary identification. The only problem is they have to carry multiple ID cards everyday, and outfitting new employees with ID badges has become a cumbersome process.  While you could outfit the entire team with Mutli-Card Badge Holders and call it a day, we suggest streamlining your photo ID needs into a single multi-purpose HID card.

Using an ID card printer and HID cards, you can create an ID card with all the functions you need. If your employees use a HID card to enter a parking garage or building, you will want to print the visual identification card on an adhesive plastic card. Most HID cards cannot be printed on directly, so the adhesive plastic cards provide a simple option to streamline your ID cards. Attach the printed adhesive plastic card to an existing programmed HID card to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing photo ID card. 

Efficiency. Streamlining your ID card uses into a single proximity card has many advantages, the greatest of which is increased efficiency. Instead of printing multiple cards for each employee, you’ll print only one. Not only will you reduce time designing and printing the ID card, but you’ll also be able to give ID cards to new employees more quickly.

Cost Savings. Combining all your ID card uses into one HID card will also save your organization money. You won’t need to replace printer supplies as often since you will significantly reduce the number of cards you’re printing.

Professional Appearance. Your employees will appear more professional with a single well-designed ID card displayed on a lanyard or strap clip. Be sure to decide the orientation of your ID card before ordering your HID cards to ensure your card design will have the optimal display. 


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

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