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Tulip Time 2016!

by Kelli 2. May 2016 08:04

May 7, 2016 to May 14, 2016 marks the 87th consecutive Tulip Time Festival in Holland Michigan! The festival is a small town event that attracts attendees and attention from across the country as is boasts millions of tulips lining the streets, a packed schedule of events like painting classes and fireworks, and even a record breaking dance performance!

Come see for yourself why Readers Digest has named The Holland Tulip Time Festival the “Best Small Town Festival in America”!

How we Sponsor:

IDville has the distinct pleasure of being the Event Identification Sponsor. The festival has hundreds of employees and volunteers and it’s critical to be able to identify them clearly and quickly in order for safety to be maintained and scheduled events to proceed on time. We will be fitting all employees and volunteers with identification cards and labeled lanyards so that the festival can achieve just that, a safe and timely event for the estimated 500,000 attendees. Our mission is to make the workplace better and we are thrilled to be able to provide that experience for the Tulip Time Festival.

Why it Matters:

As a West Michigan based brand, we strive to support fun community advancement in our area and we get to do just that and more by partnering with the Tulip Time Festival. In 2015, Tulip Time took every sponsorship and donation dollar and turned it into $9.20 for the city of Holland and charitable giving. That makes a total of $12.9 Million for advancement in West Michigan.

If you are interested in learning more about our ID Card Systems and how IDville could bring a simple, professional and secure access system to your workplace please visit our website, request a sample packet or call one of our system specialists at 1.866.438.4553.


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IDville: Tulip Time’s Resource for Event Identification

by Maggie 24. April 2015 14:46

It's about that time again in West Michigan...Tulip Time! This year marks Holland, Michigan's 86th year of hosting the Tulip Time Festival taking place from May 2-9.

“The Holland Tulip Time Festival invites the world to join the dance as we celebrate our Dutch heritage with a festival showcasing our dynamic community and its spectacular tulips.” The Holland, Michigan area boasts nearly 4.5 million tulips, planted in City parks, at public attractions, and along City streets. The tulips are currently in the process of shooting up just in time for the festival!

The tulips that bloom are only part of the attraction, as there are also
national entertainment acts, events & activities for all ages, Dutch Dance performances, and some of the largest parades in Michigan!

Come see for yourself why Readers Digest has named The Holland Tulip Time Festival the “Best Small Town Festival in America”! 

This year, IDville has the pleasure of being on of Tulip Time’s sponsors, and we’re really excited about the opportunity! Our IDville Sales Manager and Holland native, Jennifer Reeves, has a few words to share about IDville’s Tulip Time sponsorship.  

Jen is a tulip enthusiast and loves beaching it on the weekends at Holland State Park. Her favorite tulip time activity is watching the Klompen dancers perform on 8th Street – “Hundreds of dancers in the middle of the street performing in unison, while wearing (and high kicking) in wooden shoes? It’s a sight to be seen!”


Can you tell our readers a little bit about IDville’s role in Tulip Time 2015?

Jen: IDville joined Tulip Time as an Event Identification sponsor. We have an opportunity to help Tulip Time unify their volunteer identification, while branding the organization at the same time.
By sponsoring this event, we were able to provide them with an
ID Maker printer system, lanyards, and other accessories to help them easily identify the over 3,000 volunteers that help make this annual event a success.  


What inspired you to take on the Tulip Time project that IDville is doing? 

Jen: As a volunteer for Tulip Time, I’ve witnessed first-hand local businesses and organization come together to promote our community while fostering and growing business relationships. Our brand is a national brand, as is Tulip Time, which is one reason why this makes it a perfect fit.

In the past, Tulip Time used a variety of different formats to identify their volunteers, staff and board members. This year, the volunteers will be identified easily with their unified lanyards and badges. With over 400,000 visitors, it’s critical to have volunteers easily identifiable with the appropriate credentials to ensure the safety and security of all who visit. Our meeting and event products were a perfect fit!

Gwen Auwerda, the executive director of Tulip Time said, “Wow! Love all of it, easy to use. The custom lanyards (shown to the right) are very classy! Thanks a million, this raised the bar for us for sure!”


What is your favorite Tulip Time memory?

Jen: My first Tulip Time living in Holland, I volunteered to walk along the float my employer has entered into the parade. It wasn’t revealed to me until much later, that I would be expected to wear wooden shoes. Seven pairs of socks, and two miles later, I was smiling from the experience and ready for the next parade!


What is your favorite part about living in Holland?

Jen: Hands down, being so close to the beach. In the summer, I call Holland State Park my second home. In addition to the beach, we have one of the best downtown districts where it’s easy to grab a bite, shop or just stroll – even in the winter, thanks to our heat melt system. Finally, I love the people. Great friends, neighbors, business associates. To me, Holland is a place where that small town community feel is alive and well.

Come find us at the event and say hello, we’re excited to meet you and would love to help you meet any identification needs you may have! Visit our web at or give us a call at 616.698.0889 for more information today.



Your Best Events...

by Kelli 4. June 2014 08:58
We know that meeting and event planning can be very time-consuming and even more stressful. We’re happy to be a resource to alleviate some of that stress. While we can’t plan your entire event, we do have great solutions to help take part of the preparation off your plate.

From nametag holders and event pouches to a complete meeting kit, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the right price. Whether you’re planning a large conference or a smaller meeting, we have quick and simple solutions to ensure your guests are outfitted with their meeting badges or nametags. 

Since we know you might not have the time to create and assemble your meeting name badges yourself, so we can always take care of that for you with our EZ Meeting Kits. You’ll just need to send us your attendee list and your preferred badge design and we’ll print, assemble and organize your badges just how you need them. We’ll even ship them directly to your event if you’d prefer – one less thing to remember! 

Browse our full line of meeting and event identification supplies. Let us help you with planning your next event!

Let us help make your next event a breeze!

by Kelli 22. January 2013 09:16
For those of you that have planned a company event before, you know there’s a lot that goes into it; location, speakers, caterer, agenda, registration, even photo identification. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser, a team meeting, or a formal evening event, identifying the key attendees can be an important part to a successful event and overall experience. That's why we've put together helpful tips and ideas for you. Follow our event guidelines and you’re sure to throw a memorable event!  
We've got your meeting convered!

1. What type of ID card will you use? 
It’s probably safe to say that a majority of the events you’ve attended had attendees wearing adhesive name tags. Did you know that you can easily and quickly create a PVC ID card to portray a more professional appearance? 

2. How will attendees display ID cards at the event?
The most important factor to consider when you determine how attendees will display their ID card is attire. If it’s a formal event you don’t want to offer an ID name badge with a strap clip that will leave marks in their clothing. Instead, consider a custom lanyard with your event information or company logo. 

3. How will you identify different event attendees?
Since every event is different, be sure to identify the different groups you have in attendance, such as volunteers, staff, or guests of honor. Simply add this information to their ID name badge and everyone will be sure to know who’s who! 

4. Will you create ID cards ahead of time or on site? 
If you choose to create ID cards on site- no sweat. With an ID card printer, you have the capability to create and print ID cards quickly so there’s no reason to worry that there will be a line out the door at the registration table. 

To read the full “Event ID Guidelines” article, click here.   

Our goal is to ensure you host a successful event! If you have any questions or would like recommendations on products for your event, call us today at 1.866.438.4553 or email me today.

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