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National Administrative Professionals Day

by Kelli 27. April 2016 10:58

IDville and our other Baudville brands all have a common mission to make your workplace better. Not just better, but the BEST! That means we have a lot of work to do but one of the main pillars is to make all employees feel welcome and appreciated. Today is an awesome opportunity to help our followers do just that. If you haven’t heard yet, today, April 27, 2016, is National Administrative Professionals Day and it’s all over the place; just look on Twitter. We really hope you thought ahead and planned a fun gift and or celebration for anyone in that role but if you didn’t…



…here are some last minute ways to appreciate your co-works. (Note: You don’t have to be the boss to show appreciation!)

    1. Quickly and quietly have the staff sign a Thank You card.
    2.  Write a list of projects you couldn’t do without them and share with the whole team.
    3. Cater a fun lunch for the office/team.
    4.  Order flowers for immediate delivery (Maybe write a note suggesting you ordered it days ago?)
    5. Put in some effort to think or another yourself! 



Best Practices and other notes:

  • Your effort level is noticed so plan ahead and put some real thought and effort into celebrating your co-workers.
  • This practice can be and should be done with more people than just co-workers (family, significant other, friends, etc.)
  • Think about their likes and dislikes and plan something they would like. A surprise party is fun but not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Baudville | Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day is Every Day at the ‘ville

by Maggie 13. March 2015 13:58

This week was electric at the ‘ville! In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, we dedicated a whole week to appreciate our employees and all the hard work that they do. With the winter we’ve had here in Michigan, our management staff thought that a Winter Warmup Week would be appropriate! Each division of the Baudville Corporation was assigned a different tropical location and given the task of decorating their department and organizing an activity for lunch time. We had a week full of games, food, and festivities!

The IDville and Operations crews took us on a Monday afternoon voyage to the Caribbean, where the pirates invaded. Employees walked the plank with a canon (balloon) in between their legs and popped it to reveal their prize straight from the treasure chest! Shiver me timbers it was a good time!

Our hi5 crew and the Baudville Marketing and Product teams threw a Mexican fiesta on Tuesday! We had some delicious Mexican treats and played some great games during lunch. ¡Ay, qué rico!

The Baudville sales suite had us feeling relaxed all day Wednesday with a Jamaican getaway. They decked out their suite with hammocks to capture an island vibe and hosted a lunch time dance party!

The Distribution Center had us surfing in Hawaii on Thursday. It was a luau to remember with hula girls, “pina coladas”, and a photo station.

The final surprise ta-da from the management team started with new water bottles with fruit infusers. They catered in On-the-Border lunch for all employees, and had games with fabulous prizes.

A big thanks to all of the people who helped plan this week and to our employees once again for being the best around! If IDville sounds like a place you would like to work check out our career opportunities at We’d love to have you on our team! 

For more pictures look at our facebook album "Winter Warmup Week"


Identify your Employees’ Awesomeness

by Maggie 4. March 2015 16:38

In America, the #1 reason most people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated. With Employee Appreciation Day coming up this Friday the 6th, there’s still time to plan something fun that will let your employees know you appreciate them.

Try one of these simple IDville ideas:

•    Use a badge printer to create incentive cards that you can reward your employees with. Some examples would be a card that says “Leave 30 Minutes Early on the Day of your Choosing,” “One Free Casual Day,” etc.
•    Create a safety awareness program by rewarding all employees who wear their badges daily.
•    Design a
custom lanyard that says, “We appreciate you.” or “My Boss Thinks I’m Extra Awesome.”
•    Small companies can reprint employee badges with fun new titles for the day or week “Purveyor of Potlucks,” “Queen of Sales,” “Master of getting things done!” “Ms. Indispensable,” “Chief FUN Officer,” etc.
•    Host a “security” meeting to remind employees why proper identification is critical to your business’s overall success. All employees use their name badge to enter into a drawing for a prize.

Think of recognition programs as an investment, not an expense. With even a little bit of recognition, employee engagement has been shown to increase by 60%!

Of course, our parent company, Baudville features a wide variety of gifts perfect for celebrations like Employee Appreciation Day! And there’s still some time to show the love to your team this week. Have fun!


Happy Customer Service Week!

by Kelli 9. October 2014 16:11
We’re in the throes of Customer Service Week here at Baudville, Inc. and it’s been a blast so far! From a week full of games and treats to massages and dressing casual all week, the team members here are feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Remembering to show your team that you appreciate the work that they put in day after day with a bonus week of fun and relaxation (mixed in among the work, of course) is the perfect way to restore their company loyalty and renew their desire to help the business succeed. Not to mention it’s just plain fun! 

Even if it’s just a small gift, a casual day or any other little bonus you can give to your customer service team, it will do wonders for company morale! Of course, Baudville features a wide variety of gifts perfect for celebrations like Customer Service Week! And there’s still some time to show your appreciation for your team this week! Have fun! 

Sound like something you’d like to be a part of?! Our Baudville Brands are always hiring! Check out our latest career opportunities

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