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Make 2012 the Year of the Automated Time and Attendance System

by todd 24. January 2012 07:00

In 2012, competition is as fierce as ever, and your internal processes need to be smarter, faster, and leaner in order to stay ahead. Is your time and attendance system helping or hurting your goals?

Time and attendance systems are integral to organizations with hourly employees by providing accurate employee time records and meeting compliance standards. But if you don’t have an automated system, you may be surprised at how much your current system is costing your organization.

Studies show it takes about seven minutes to enter each timecard per pay period, so when you automate the timecard process with a time clock, you can save thousands. For example, a manager with ten reports who enters timecards every other week will spend thirty hours entering timecards in one year. That’s thirty hours per manager that could be better spent in your organization.
Learn more about the Quantix automated time and attendance solution

By implementing a smarter, faster, and leaner system in 2012, you can free up time for your IT team, Human Resources, and managers to spend on more strategic initiatives.

 Smarter
Time and attendance systems integrate with your payroll and keep all necessary information in one place. You also have more reporting capabilities, so you can generate standard reports covering schedules, personnel, departments, and payroll. Or create your own custom reports for your unique needs.

 Faster
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) time and attendance systems give your organization the most up-to-date version of your program. SaaS is web-based, so it doesn’t require installation on servers or timely update downloads.

Plus, you can have a new SaaS time and attendance program up and running in a matter of days, not weeks and you don’t have to get the IT department involved. Plus, online training tutorials allow you to become familiar with the new system on your time.

 Leaner
Reduce the clerical work required in your current timecard reporting process by automating employee punches with a time clock. Managers will eliminate the need to manually enter time cards, providing thousands in time savings for your organization.

Want more information? Discover how much your organization could save with an automated time and attendance system with our Return on Investment Calculator, and you could become the Office Super Hero this year.


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

Top 11 Identification Blog Posts of 2011

by todd 10. January 2012 10:34

2012 is here, and we’re looking forward to a New Year filled with new products, new tradeshow appearances, new team members, and new customers!

Before we begin a new year of blogging, we wanted to recap the 11 most popular posts from 2011:

1. School ID Cards Improve Security
2. Designing Your ID Card
3. Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips for National Safety Month
4. ID Card Systems in Healthcare Protect Information and Improve Safety
5. ID Maker ID Card Systems Thinking Outside the Box
6. The Dreaded Employee ID Badge
7. Paper or Plastic ID Cards
8. Streamline School Processes with Student ID Cards and an ID Card System
9. Streamline Payroll Responsibilities with New Time and Attendance System
10. Top Ten Reasons for an ID Maker Identification System
11. Lanyards Keep ID Cards Visible for Back to School

What would you like to see us post in 2012? Share your suggestions for upcoming blog posts in the comment section of this post!

Join the Conversation

Here’s to a great New Year!


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

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ID Card Printers | ID Card Printers

Seven Steps for ID Card Printer Maintenance

by todd 13. December 2011 09:00
An ID card printer is a wise investment in the safety and security of your facility, and you want it to always be in peak performance for its next printing job. To keep your ID card printer in top shape year round, follow our seven steps for printer maintenance.  
1. Regularly Clean Your ID Card Printer
It's recommended that you clean your ID card printer every 700-1,000 ID cards. Each manufacturer creates an ID card printer cleaning kit  for its printers. Because each printer works differently, you must use the specified manufacturer kit. As a helpful reminder, you can clean your printer when you change the printer ribbon. Each cleaning kit includes a cleaning card. It looks like a PVC card, but it is soaked in a cleaning solution. The card is inserted into the ID card printer and cleans all of the rollers.
Learn more about ID Maker Systems
2. Clean the Printer Roller
To print ID cards, a roller pulls the blank PVC card into the printer. This roller collects the dust and dirt on PVC cards so it doesn't travel into the printer. Because the roller acts like a lint roller that cleans the PVC cards, it needs to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Refer to your printer manual for directions to clean or replace the roller.
3. Clean the Print Heads. 
The print heads on your ID card printer also need to be cleaned. Your ID card printer cleaning kit includes the cleaning swabs, they look like large Q-tips or a marker, which you use to clean the printer heads directly. Follow your cleaning kit directions to properly clean this important ID card printer component.
4. Replace Printer Ribbons.
For a high quality ID card, replace your printer ribbons as recommended. Printer ribbons have up to a two year shelf life, so you can stock up when you purchase the ID card printer and always have them on hand. Be sure to use the manufacturer's printer ribbons as off brand printer ribbons may not work properly and could damage your printer.
Get thre remaining three ID card printer maintenance tips in our Knowledge Center article, ID Card Printer Maintenance. 


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

Four Steps to Extend the Life of your ID Card Printer

by todd 29. November 2011 07:33

When you purchased your ID card printer, you made an investment in the safety and security of your staff. Like any piece of equipment, your printer won’t last forever if it’s not cared for properly. Follow our four steps to extend the life and well-being of your ID card printer:

1. Clean It. We recommend you clean your printer with a cleaning kit every 700-1,000 prints to keep it running smoothly. Regular cleanings ensure your ID cards always come out looking beautiful.

Learn more about ID Maker Systems2. Store it in a Case. Protect your printer from dust and potential damage by storing it in a carry case. This is a necessity to protect your printer from the elements if you are transporting it between buildings or events.

3. Give Proper Training. The greater number of people you have using your printer, the more likely it is to be misused or damaged. Train individuals in your office or organization who will be using the printer to make sure it’s handled properly.

4. Use the Correct Printer Supplies. Different styles and models of printers require different printer ribbons and cleaning kids. Be sure to use the right supplies on your printer with our Printer Supplies Locator.


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

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IDville Receives STELLAService’s Rating for Customer Service Excellence

by todd 2. November 2011 08:49

We are proud to now display the STELLAService EXCELLENT seal on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Customer service has always been a top priority for us. For over 10 years, we have been known for our knowledgeable and friendly customer service and lifetime technical support. Today, we are proud to announce that we have received an EXCELLENT rating from STELLAService, an independent, third-party company that rates the customer service performance of online stores.

STELLAService evaluates companies on every attribute of the online shopping experience from ease of website navigation to interaction with company customer service representatives. STELLAService experienced all of IDville’s customer service while “under cover” to make an objective decision about the company’s service.

As the recipient of an EXCELLENT rating, we are eligible to display the STELLAService seal on as a trustmark that objectively and credibly communicates our commitment to quality customer service. The STELLAService criteria are so rigorous that only half of all companies that apply receive a rating seal. is top rated for customer service

You're likely very familiar with several other STELLAService seal recipients such as,, and

We are very excited to receive this service designation from STELLAService.  It’s very satisfying for our staff to receive this honor which we view as a great testament to all our hard work!


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

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6 Reasons to Choose IDville

by todd 4. October 2011 11:45

We know that there are lots of options for ID cards, systems, and accessories available on the Internet, and if you haven’t purchased from us before, you may wonder, why should I choose IDville? In addition to more than 10 years of experience in the industry, you experience the best service in the industry when you work with IDville:

1. Unmatched Customer Service
First and foremost, our customer service and technical support are unmatched. We endeavor to answer every call in 15 seconds or less by a real person, no recording!

2. Same-Day Shipping
Place your order with us by 6 p.m. EST ship that same day, so you don’t have to wait to implement safety and security initiatives. For products that include engraving, like signage, all you have to do is approve your proof by 3 p.m., and we’ll ship your order same day, too! Custom orders have different ship times. Talk to one of our representatives for more information!

3. FREE & FULL Lifetime ID Maker Support
Just as importantly, we stand behind you...always! IDville offers lifetime support on its ID Maker software and systems and Quantix time & attendance packages . You won't find this service anywhere else in the industry; and you definitely will not find it for FREE.

4. Easy Ordering & Reordering
At IDville, we try to make your ID-related purchases as stress-free as possible every time you purchase. That is why we encourage you to create an account for easy reordering and also why we sell all of our systems with everything you need to get started - one complete package!

5. All of Our Systems
Come with the Best ID Software With IDville's simple and flexible ID Maker Pro software , you can create exactly the ID cards you want - color, logo, photo and type - so quickly and easily you'll be amazed.

6. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Buy It and Try It With No Risk We stand behind our products, period. If you need to return an unused product for any reason, we'll be happy to credit your account, exchange the item, or give you a refund for the cost of the merchandise (if returned within 30 days from receipt of your order). All you need to do is return the item(s) along with the packing slip; it's that easy. We look forward to working with you soon!


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

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IDville Promotes Made in USA ID Accessories Online

by todd 30. August 2011 09:45

Lanyards, Badge Reels, and Badge Holders all Featured in New Product Category

Just because the Fourth of July is over doesn’t mean you have to put away your red, white, and blue! We recently created a new product category on for ID accessories made in the USA. The category includes lanyards, retractable badge reels, and more.

If you order on behalf of a school, government agency, or even business office, made in the USA products may be a requirement for your organization. Although made in the USA ID accessories have always been an important part of our offering, it hasn’t been easy to find them online. Now you can shop all made in the USA ID accessories in one place!

The new product category is highlighted on the homepage of and also available under the ID accessories menu. You can easily find it on the homepage thanks to the red, white, and blue ID accessories image.

We are committed to supporting USA companies and offering made in the USA and plan to expand this category in the future. Continue to watch for new products!

Shop Made in USA ID Accessories


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills. 

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Top 10 Signs Your Time and Attendance System is Obsolete

by todd 18. August 2011 08:55

In the past decade, time and attendance technology has advanced rapidly. As we know all too well, if you can’t keep up with the latest technology you may soon find yourself with an obsolete system that increases your costs and lowers workforce productivity. The following ten signs will help you spot areas where your time and attendance system may be failing your organization.

Different buildings should not equal different time and attendance systems. A retail company with seven different locations was utilizing outdated time and attendance software, requiring  separate software installation at each location. Without a central database for all of their employees, information management was unable to get accurate company-wide time tracking reports and managing leave requests was an error-prone manual process. The resulting management nightmare hindered decision making, and lowered overall workforce productivity.

If you have multiple locations, or may add new locations in the future, there are time and attendance solutions capable of providing complete and immediate visibility to your workforce. Using one system that works at each of your locations is less cumbersome, generally less expensive and ultimately leads to an improved analysis of your workforce.

Basic time and attendance software that only manages hours worked will not have the functionality necessary to automate leave requests or track benefit accruals. Providing employees with access to their own benefit accruals information eliminates the calls and questions to HR about earned vacation time. The additional time consuming process of sending, approving, and storing leave request forms is also automated by advanced time and attendance systems. In fact, some software is capable of email notification to all appropriate personnel of the leave request, such as the supervisor or HR manager.

Update Your Time and Attendance System
If your time and attendance system looks like this, it's time for an upgrade!

If you have a time and attendance system in place, the last thing you should be doing is pulling out your calculator to enter in a complicated pay rule. Lower end time and attendance systems have very little flexibility regarding pay rules, which is why their costs can be enticingly low. Time and attendance systems should be able to handle most, if not all, of your complex pay rules.

Ideally, the implementation team of your time and attendance provider will set up your complex pay rules for you in addition to having customizable settings so you can make changes on your own in the future. Once the pay rules are set up in the system, you will have reduced the time it takes to run payroll with the added benefit of increased accuracy and fairness throughout the company.

If your employees are failing to record their time with your current time tracking system, you may want to think twice before admonishing them. American TV, a retail store with multiple locations in the Midwest, felt that their time and attendance system may be to blame instead. They were right. With only one or two time clocks at each location, employees were never close enough to a clock to make recording their time simple and efficient. As a result, large amounts of missing punches on their time cards led to an increased workload for HR and eliminated the benefits of accuracy with their time system.

American TV searched for a superior time and attendance system capable of resolving the issue of missing punches and improving accuracy and efficiency. By selecting a system that utilized an XML API, a technology that aids with integration, American TV was able to set up each of their point-of-sale terminals as a time clock that automatically records the time of the employee working at that station. As a result, employees could quickly record their time and attendance tracking accuracy was greatly improved.

FLSA class action lawsuits outnumber all other employment lawsuits combined. Employers can face stiff penalties for non-compliance such as liquidated damages, millions of dollars in back pay, attorneys fees and government fines. Some of the most common and costly mistakes include unpaid work, failure to abide by both state and federal regulations, employees classified incorrectly and keeping poor records. In most courts, if the employer has kept poor records and there is a dispute regarding hours worked by the employee, the employee wins. An automated time and attendance system should provide detailed reports and store historical data for all employees for at least three years. Additionally, the time tracking system shows no bias toward employees, which means all of your pay rules are applied fairly across your entire workforce. Some time accounting programs are also capable of aiding with FMLA tracking, which can be difficult and may lead to lawsuits if not handled properly.

Read the rest of "Top 10 Signs Your Time and Attendance System is Obsolete"  on


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills. 

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Do It Yourself Office Identification

by todd 20. July 2011 09:04

Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are usually less expensive than hiring a professional and often get completed quicker. When it comes to identification, there are many things you can do yourself to save time and money, too. With the right tools, you can create professional-looking signs, name tags, and ID cards that will impress even the keenest eye!

Shop ClearkLook Office SignsWall Signs.
Post directional signs and label key rooms and offices with wall signs. You can design and print signs from your own computer using our popular ClearLook office signs. Sandwich your printout between two pieces of clear acrylic and hang it yourself for a sign that visitors will think was created professionally.

Name Tags.
If you’re in a customer-focused industry, your employees most likely wear nametags. Reduce your nametag investment with Quick Print Name Tags and create a label of the employees’ name and apply it to the name tag. Name tags are engraved with your logo or your choice of graphic. You’ll be able to instantly make name tags for new employees and reuse old name tags, too!

ID Cards.
The ultimate DIY identification tool is a photo ID card printer. Using ID Maker software, you can create photo ID cards on the spot for employees, visitors, contractors and volunteers. Once you have your photo ID card printer set up, you’ll find many additional uses for it! You can create labels, make wallet size info cards and design ID cards for events.

For more on DIY identification, visit our Identification Knowledge Center.

Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills. 

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Promote Safety During National Safety Month

by todd 15. June 2011 10:00

When it comes to your people, nothing’s more important than their safety. Safety policies and procedures make staff feel comfortable coming to work and end up saving the company time, money, and headaches. Since June is National Safety Month, now is a great time to review your safety policies and consider how you can improve upon them.

To promote safety in your organization, we’ve put together a few suggestions that will keep safety in the forefront of every employee’s mind.

Actively Communicate about Safety. Maintaining active communication about your safety goals and progress is imperative to keeping safety front of mind for your entire team. Create and post office signs around the building which state your safety goals and give status updates of your progress. To communicate with the entire organization, add a section to your company newsletter or intranet to share safety updates. 

Get More Safety Tips for National Safety Month

Promote Safety Daily. Keep safety in front of your staff – literally. Equip each employee with a safety themed lanyard or safety badge reels to attach to their ID card. The “Safety First” messages on these ID card accessories will constantly remind employees of the organization’s number one priority: keeping them safe. If you have a special safety program slogan, create your own custom lanyards or custom badge reels.
Reward Team Safety. Keep your teams striving to create a safe environment by rewarding their efforts. Celebrate the achievement of safety goals and the innovation of new safety procedures as a team. At a regular team meeting, review the goals and give employees a small safety themed lapel pin or company logo gift. The positive reinforcement will have the entire team striving to repeat or improve their achievement.

Make safety front of mind for employees, and you’ll create a safety-conscious culture that is bound to lead to increased productivity and employee engagement!


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills. 

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