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ID Badges Increase School Security

by david 30. September 2013 14:12

Given today’s society, which seems to be plagued with horror stories of child abduction and violence in schools, it seems we should do all that we can to ensure that our children are protected. In particular, we should make sure that they are safe in the place away from home where they spend a majority of their time – school.

Although teachers and school officials make an effort to know their students, it’s increasingly difficult – especially in larger schools – for every single staff member to know every single student on campus. Therefore, it’s crucial that school staff have a quick and simple way of identifying who belongs in the building and who doesn’t without the need for detailed questioning.

An increasing number of schools are requiring all staff and students to wear photo ID badges. These requirements are all about safety and security in schools – something that should never be compromised. In making sure that our schools are as safe as possible, the focus will be on education, as it should be.

Creating ID badges can be extremely simple, as soon as you have everything you need to do so. IDville is dedicated to ensuring you have all the tools you’ll need to implement and maintain ID badge requirements at your school. We offer one-box ID card printing systems with which you’ll be up and running, ready to print IDs, within 15 minutes! We offer several options for all school sizes and needs so that you are sure to find a printer that suits your needs as well as your budget. 

We also feature several ID badge clips, lanyards and other accessories so that your staff and students can easily wear and display their ID badges. Designed with simplicity and security in mind, all of our accessories are easy-to-use and will keep your ID badges safe, secure and looking great!

Trade shows: my secret to understanding customer needs!

by david 7. August 2013 08:53

After attending over 40 tradeshows within the past year I have seen my fair share of the country.  What I have really noticed is that almost everyone wears an ID badge!  From the contractors used at the exhibit halls, to my taxi cab drivers,  to the baggage handlers loading luggage onto the plane, everyone is wearing an ID badge!   

The one ID accessory that I see being used the most by women is our new Rhinestone lanyard. These new, sparkly lanyards have made it fun and stylish for woman to wear their IDs.  We recently gave these lanyards away at the SHRM conference in Chicago and our booth was almost overrun by human resource professionals wanting these shiny gems!

The most popular ID badge accessory I see being used by men are our carabiner badge reels.  These badge reels are sturdy and dependable and allow you to wear your ID badge on your belt loop and then clip onto your keys so that you don’t forget the ID the next day.  Make sure to check our carabiner badge reel supply as we also have reels that have a measuring tape and flashlight built into them!

One of the most rewarding things about being on the road promoting IDville is running into current customers who have one of our ID Maker ID systems. It’s great to hear them rave about their ID Maker system being easy to use while allowing them to make a professional badge that no other system can create.  Customers are always quick to flip open their purse or wallet to show me their ID and how they designed it with their logo and artwork.  Many of the customers that I worked with as they chose an ID printer use the custom card design that I originally made for them per their request!

Interested in an ID system and want to see a custom ID card design with your logo?  Fill out your info here and one of our sales reps will contact you ASAP.

I will be at the following shows over the next couple of weeks.  Stop in and say hello!

International Association of Fire Chiefs – Chicago 8/16 & 8/17

Midwest Security & Police Show – Tinley Park 8/20 & 8/21

Made in USA ID Badge Accessories

by david 2. July 2013 09:48

The 4th of July is right around the corner and will be here and gone before you know it. That doesn’t mean you have to put away your red, white, and blue though! We have a product line of ID badge accessories that are made right here in the USA. From lanyards to badge reels we have something for you and your organization- all year long.

If you order on behalf of a school, government agency, or even a business office, made in USA products might be a requirement. Made in USA accessories have always been an important part of our product offering and now you can shop them all in one place. Click here to start shopping now!  

Made in USA Accessories!Made in USA Accessories!Made in USA Accessories!

At IDville, we are committed to supporting USA companies and offering made in the USA products to our customers. Call us today at 1.866.438.4553 to place an order or to request a sample!

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Scratch and reveal...

by david 7. May 2013 10:16
During the month of May, we have a special, limited time offer just for you! Simply click the image below, scratch the ticket to reveal your discount, and use your code on any order before 5/31/13!  
Shop ID Systems  >>> Our 1-box ID Maker Systems will have you creating and printing ID’s in minutes! 
Shop ID Supplies  >>> Stock up on ID supplies you need for every manufacturer. 
Shop ID Badge Accessories  >>> Once you print your IDs, make sure your employees are wearing them with a full complement of badge accessories. 
       Reveal your discount!
Click the image above to reveal your discount! 

Call one of our customer service reps today at 1.866.438.4553 to request some free ID badge accessory samples!  

Printer Protection Bundles extend the life of your ID printer

by david 9. April 2013 10:12
Making the decision to implement employee photo IDs and an ID printer system is a big step for any company or organization to take. It’s crucial that you protect your investment with an extended warranty or printer protection bundle to ensure you’re creating and printing the best IDs possible!  

Printer protection bundles include:
3 additional years of extended warranty coverage
FREE protective printer case ($250 value)
Cleaning kit (recommended every 700-1,000 prints)

Our ID Maker extended warranties allow you to choose from 1, 2, and 3-year extensions and includes a HOT SWAP loaner printer that is shipped to you in 2 days. When you purchase an extended warranty for your ID Maker printer, you are also getting additional support beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
Printer Protection Bundles!

ID Maker warranties and printer protection bundles bring you peace of mind when you need it most!  

To learn more about our HOT SWAP loaner printer service, call one of our system specialists today at 1.866.438.4553 or email me today. 

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IDville goes on the road again!

by david 26. March 2013 10:03
We have some exciting news to share- IDville plans to go on the road again and travel to 23 tradeshows across the United States this year! We plan to focus on the education, government, and healthcare industries. If you plan to attend any conferences in these industries this year, you may just happen to see us at the next show! 

At each tradeshow, ID card system and visitor management system demos will be performed on-site to demonstrate the ease-of-use of these products. The demonstration walks attendees through the card creation process, including photo taking, card design, and printing.

Attendees who visit our IDville booth will receive a free gift and the chance to win a Visa gift card. At last week’s International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association show in Las Vegas, we raffled off 2 Cirque Du Soleil tickets. Congrats to Michael from the New England Fitness District- we hope you enjoyed the show! 

         Congratulations Michael!
Congratulations to Michael- our Cirque Du Soleil ticket raffle winner!

If you can’t make it to an upcoming tradeshow- don’t worry. I’d be happy to schedule a demo to show you how easy it can be to create employee ID badges or track visitors. Email me today or call one of our System Specialists at 1.866.438.4553. 

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Is your ID card secure?

by david 26. February 2013 09:29
Did you know that 1 in 20 Americans are at risk for identity theft? That means that today's world demands more security. Identity authentication is a regular part of our daily lives to protect ourselves and our proprietary information. 

One way to enhance security is to implement a photo ID requirement. What you may not know is that there are a variety of features available to prevent the duplication of your ID card. 

Let’s look at some of the ways to guard against ID forgery:

Barcodes- A feature for time and attendance use or any tracking system you choose to integrate with your ID card. 
Ghost Photos- Make an ID one-of-a-kind with a mirror screen image of your picture. 
Fingerprinting- Especially useful in government agencies and schools for child ID card programs.

Sample ID card with barcode feature!
   Sample ID card with barcode feature! 

Click here to read the full article. 

If you have any questions regarding additional features for your ID cards, call one of our System Specialists at 1.866.438.4553 or email me today! 

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ID cards

Your Business. Your Lanyard. Your Way.

by david 29. January 2013 09:40
It’s your business. Why not wear your ID badges the way you want? Custom lanyards make this possible! With the ability to add your logo, company name, or brand it’s the easiest solution to keep your ID front and center. ID badges are a very important part of a security and safety program but they’re only effective if they’re worn on a daily basis. 

Sure, creating custom lanyards creates decisions to be made and more options to think about. We have good news. Our custom lanyard wizard makes this easy by guiding you through the whole process of creating your custom lanyards! You’re able to choose your lanyard style, colors, attachments, graphics, and font all with the click of your mouse. With all the options available you’re sure to create the lanyard you’ve been looking for. 

Check out the custom lanyard wizard today!
  With the custom lanyard wizard, ordering custom lanyards is quick and easy!

If you’re searching for other ways to wear your IDs, shop all our ID badge accessories here. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our customer service representatives, call us today at 1.866.438.4553.

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Welcome to 2013!

by david 8. January 2013 11:15
With a new year comes many new opportunities! As you look back on 2012, it’s apparent that it’s never been more important to ensure that you have visitor management and photo identification processes in place.  As you start off 2013, it’s a good idea to evaluate your current plans and determine what you need to do to make improvements. If you don’t currently have any processes in place, now is a great time to consider doing so! 

Request your FREE system selection guide today!
   Let us help you decide which ID system is right for you! 

Whether you choose to use paper or plastic photo ID cards, a visitor tracking system or simply login booksIDville has the products and knowledge to help you effectively implement these systems into your business.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more information and special savings and discounts on photo ID accessories

We look forward to working with you and helping you succeed in 2013! Visit our website for more information or email me today! 

What makes a good employee ID card?

by david 4. December 2012 11:45
This month’s newsletter was focused on what elements make a good employee ID card. Depending on how your company utilizes employee ID cards may determine how you create and print your employee’s IDs. You’ll want to consider whether you plan to use ID cards for security purposes, for door access, or simply for identification. 

Creating the right ID card is imperative to achieving your photo identification goals. By considering the following 5 elements, you can create ID cards that meet your goals. 

1. Design
What information is critical to display on your ID? With dual-sided cards you have the option to add additional important information to the back of the card, such as emergency contact information or a company mission statement.  If it’s not as critical to have extra space, then single-sided ID cards are recommended. 

2. Versatility 
Where will your ID cards be used? Before determining the orientation of your cards, consider how they will be used i.e. access control, time and attendance, or solely for identification purposes. 

Ensure the safety of your students!
3. Orientation
Do you want your employee IDs to be vertical or horizontal? Once you’ve decided the purpose of your ID cards, you can then determine the orientation of your card as this will impact how you wear and display your ID card. 

4. Organization Logo
Visual security elements, such as a logo, are highly recommended if you have security goals in place around employee ID cards. Be sure that the card design is consistent with your marketing and branding (font, logo, and colors) to ensure you’re projecting a professional and consistent image. 

5. Employee Picture
It’s standard for ID cards to include a picture on the front of the card for identification purposes. The photo makes it unique to the individual employee and is easily visible. 

To read this month’s full IDentify Newsletter, click here. 
To learn more, call one of our identification specialists at 866.438.4553 or email me today!
David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).  

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