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Illinois boy's project leads to creation of medical emergency ID cards

by Admin 11. July 2012 13:06

A 15-year-old Illinois boy thought creatively when it came to his Eagle Scout project to culminate his Boy Scout career, lending a hand to local retirees through the creation of medical emergency ID cards.

According to the Pioneer Press, Chad Holland of La Grange said the idea came to him while he was babysitting a younger child in his neighborhood. The child's mother wrote down emergency information on an index card, and Holland thought that such documents could be very beneficial for retirement-age individuals.

"At first I was going to do the project just for kids," Holland told the news source. "But then I realized the group the project would benefit the most was the elderly. If they fall and can’t talk, they’ll have a card with them, and the paramedics will know who to call."

Still, the 15-year-old ultimately decided to expand the project to area children as well, particularly since many kids were heading to summer camp or families were taking vacations, according to the media outlet.

Overall, Holland said he ended up creating an emergency ID card for nearly 100 people in only two hours. It turned out, the only hiccup came when the software and printer used to make the cards malfunctioned. But even that wasn't enough to stop the project, Holland told the Press.

"I found another way to pass out the cards so the elderly did not have to just sit and wait for the cards," Holland explained. "I ended up putting the cards in their mailboxes, or they also could sit and wait."

Efforts to provide individuals of all ages with emergency identification cards have been stepped up across the country, as Mercy Gilbert Medical Center recently held a free clinic for parents to keep their children safer. The clinic reportedly provided parents with a laminated photo identification in addition to a CD containing photographs, videos, digital fingerprints and safety information, according to ABC 15.

The objective of the clinic is to offer assistance to police as well as organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in case of an emergency, the news source reported. The event was open to parents of children 3 years old and older, according to ABC 15. 

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Trial over Texas voter ID cards begins

by Admin 10. July 2012 11:50

The trial in federal court over Texas' new controversial voter identification law is underway as state officials traveled to the nation's capital to defend the legislation from allegations that it would prevent thousands of individuals from voting.

According to CNN, the law, which is known as SB 14, was passed in 2011 and subsequently rejected by the Justice Department last March. In rejecting the legislation, the Justice Department reportedly cited statistics from the state that said approximately 600,000 registered voters in Texas do not have a state-issued driver's license or ID card.

One important aspect of the legal challenge to the Texas law - as well as several other similar pieces of legislation around the country - is that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 includes a provision that makes it necessary for the federal government to "pre-clear" any voting law changes in places with a history of voter discrimination. CNN reports that the provision was reauthorized in 2006 to be practiced for at least another 25 years.

Texas is reportedly one of eight states that requires voters to present photo identification, but opponents of the legislation have claimed it would deny a significant number of poor, disabled and minority individuals from voting, the news source said. Officials with the Obama administration have said that the law is not necessary as evidence of significant voter fraud in Texas is lacking.

"We note that the state's submission did not include evidence of significant in-person voter impersonation not already addressed by the state's existing laws," Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez said in March when the legislation was rejected by the Justice Department.

Under the Texas law, U.S. citizenship certificates, U.S. passports, military IDs, voter cards from the Department of Public Safety and concealed-handgun licenses would be acceptable forms of identification. However, student IDs issued by state universities would not be, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

In a statement, the state asserted that the voter ID legislation "was not enacted with the purpose of disenfranchising minority voters, and there is not even a suggestion that the state would administer those laws in a racially biased manner," the Star-Telegram reported.

The trial in Washington, D.C. is expected to last a week, according to CNN.

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Signs it’s time to upgrade your outdated ID system!

by david 10. July 2012 09:15
Are you constantly struggling to create photo IDs quickly? Do you find that it’s taking you more time than it’s worth to print cards? Or are you currently using an outside source and it's taking weeks just to get your IDs mailed to you? If so, then it’s time you update your photo identification system or look into implementing one in your organization!  
I recently did some traveling for a couple of IDville tradeshows, and I was astonished at the amount of professionals I talked with that commented, “We currently do print our own ID cards, but our system is so outdated that they look cheap and generic.” The purpose of your ID card is for security and identification. It’s critical that each ID is professional looking and customizable to suit all your needs. Not every company needs access control or added security features such as bar code scanning, but your ID system should have all those capabilities.  
Shop our ID Maker Systems.
Shop our ID Maker Systems

IDville, photo identification and security experts, make designing and printing photo ID cards easy. 
Set up is simple: Getting your ID Maker system set up is as simple as installing the software and plugging in the equipment. That’s it! We even have brief videos to show you how simple it really is.  
Invest less time and money: Unlike most technology these days, an ID card system does save you time and hassle. There are still a lot of companies that print paper badges, cut each one out and laminate them separately. That takes a lot of time compared to the ID Maker System that prints 1 card in less than 30 seconds! 
Lifetime support: Have a question during set up? IDville includes lifetime technical support in the purchase of your ID system. If you ever need assistance, we are only a phone call away!
Implementing or updating your current photo identification system can be overwhelming. So don’t hesitate to call one of our Identification Specialists at 866.438.4553 with any questions you may encounter through the implementation process. Happy ID printing! 
David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!)

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ID cards playing larger role at Iowa universities

by Admin 9. July 2012 11:52

Two universities in Iowa are beginning to lean more heavily on the use of student ID cards, which can now be used for seemingly anything from buying chips out of the vending machine to accessing campus computer labs.

Carol Petersen, interim executive director of residence and director of dining for the University of Northern Iowa, told the Cedar Rapids Gazette that the versatility of these ID cards has been extremely beneficial for students, who have also become less likely to lose them.

"Students really enjoy that convenience of being able to use one card for everything," Petersen said. "The more things they're using it for, the more apt they are to keep track of it."

For its part, the University of Iowa has also expanded the use of its identification cards, with the new version of its Iowa One card using "proximity" technology that can allow students to wave them in front of locked doors to enter, according to the Gazette.

To the south, Arizona State University has also ramped up usage of its student IDs by agreeing to a partnership with MidFirst Bank to provide IDs that can also serve as debit cards, the Arizona Republic reported. One of the major benefits university officials have pointed to is that students will no longer face ATM fees, even when using the ATMs of other banks.

Either way, Aaron Bryant, marketing manager for Arizona State's business services, told the publication that students will still have the option to utilize the traditional ID card.

"All of our messaging focuses on 'This is the student's choice to make.' We want them to make an informed decision, and there's no pressure on either side of it," Bryant said. 

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Access control systems migrating to cloud

by Admin 9. July 2012 10:30

The evolution of access control systems has come a long way, beginning with employees using basic mag stripe ID cards and then moving to contactless badges to make the process easier and more convenient. Today, the proliferation of cloud computing has entered the physical access control market and is allowing organizations to develop a single, unified system that can be used in multiple branches around the world.

This is happening more and more often today and can be seen across a number of industries. In government, for example, the General Services Administration's Neil Smith Federal Building in Des Moines, Iowa, recently deployed an access control system run on cloud-based solutions to reduce the number of necessary on-site servers, according to a Contactless News report. As a result, the agency will be able to reduce IT expenses and other resources associated with maintaining premise-based equipment, while also ensuring their facilities are secure.

"Access control systems have been highly proprietary but we're moving away from that to open-source environments," access control expert John Piccininni said, according to Contactless News.

The trend to migrate systems to the cloud is being driven by several factors, including national standards that require organizations to leverage personal identity verification badges for access control.

In following this trend, the Neil Smith access control system is run on a GSA server in Kansas City and allows decision-makers to enroll existing or new credentials into the infrastructure. Once the enrollment process is finished, the data is moved to the cloud and gives individuals unique privileges in regard to door authentication in all GSA buildings run on the server, Contactless News noted.

"Any of those GSA buildings in the Kansas City region can basically jump on ... [the] system and they can do it at a lower cost," ID access and security expert Tom Corder said, according to the news provider. "And they don't have to bid out or evaluate other systems."

A separate report by Double Vision noted that cloud-based services for physical access control systems allow decision-makers to update and patch software automatically. In doing so, organizations can remain competitive and never worry about becoming obsolete by always having the most up-to-date solutions.

As the overall cloud computing market continues to mature and evolve, more security systems will migrate to the hosted environments to boost efficiency and enhance performance. While access control systems are only in the initial stages of doing so, the trend will likely occur more frequently in the future.

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Lanyard Options for Everyone!

by Kayla 3. July 2012 10:30
Do you constantly have to ask your employees to wear their ID badges? Are you looking for a way to have students display their student IDs? If so, then we have the solution for you! Lanyards are the simplest, most affordable way to keep ID badges front and center. Whether you’re looking for blank, beaded, or custom lanyards, IDville has a large selection for you to choose from. And you're in luck because we're having a special discount on our lanyards!    
Shop our lanyard selection.
Blank Lanyards: Always in stock and ready to ship. Just choose a lanyard style, color, and attachment and you’ll be ready one step closer to having a convenient way to display your ID.
Custom Printed Lanyards: Easily add your logo, company name, or school name with our Custom Lanyard Wizard. Choose your lanyard, style, color, breakaway options and attachments, length, font color, additional graphics and text. It’s that easy. And you’re able to view and approve your custom lanyards online, real-time, prior to purchasing. It can’t get much quicker than that!  
Retractable Lanyards: The visibility of a lanyard with the functionality of a badge reel, all-in-one. If you are frequently scanning your ID badge, then these lanyards are perfect for you. Choose from blank, pre-designed, and fun Doctor themed lanyards. 
Pre-Designed Lanyards: Popular and motivational sentiments come to life and are always in stock. Whether you’re looking for a safety, 4th of July, or motivational theme we have just the lanyard for you. 
Beaded Lanyards: Add some personality to the way you wear your ID badge. Give your staff some freedom with their lanyard choice. Allow staff members to select the beaded lanyard in their favorite color to coordinate with their outfits. 
There are many options when it comes to choosing lanyards for your office. Call one of our identification specialists and request a free sample to see which lanyard option is best for you! 
Kayla is a Marketing Specialist with over three years marketing experience. As a new addition to the IDville team, she is eager to share her social media savvy side and crazy affection for cats with IDville customers and co-workers. 

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